November 1

I joined a group on NaBloPoMo called Thirty Days of Thanks, with the idea being to give thanks for uh, thirty days.

My son and I started a gratefulness journal awhile back, and our ritual was to write down five things we were grateful for that day before we went to sleep.

So, here are my five things for November 1st:
  1. For R, for her generosity and caring spirit, for loving my kids while I worked.

  2. For the great park down our street, and for neighbors who say hello.

  3. For the Ethiopian Restaurant that fed us once again.

  4. For homeopathy, sweet little white sugar pills that help teething pain.

  5. For Rom, for the way my children love him and for the effortless way he carts Mica around in a sling.

Now I feel all mushy! So, here's to the lighter side of gratitude: The Gratitude Dance!

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