November 2

I am grateful for:
  • R, again, for being so calm and caring when we were worried about Mica, even when it turned out he only had gas pains (doh!).

  • Mica.

  • Laura, still, for everything over so many years, and most recently for doctoring me up.

  • Delicious food that fills me up.

  • Licorice root tea, without which I am a wet, despair-filled, and somewhat angry noodle.

  • the sun.

Orlando says, "I am grateful for...

  • the warmness of the sun.

  • seeing the trees, being so fresh and nice.

  • going to the park.

  • eating lots of food so I can grow.

  • I like to say 'Mama' and I like to say 'Papa.'"

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