November 3

I am grateful for:

  • Ralphie, my nephew, who hugged me one dozen times the other day and sat on my lap and ate from my plate. Ralphie is the first-born son of my brother and his wife, who is my good friend. Ralphie is exuberant and sweet and fierce and creative. He wants to know that everyone is together and asks where each family member is, one by one. Ralphie likes to play monster and he likes to hug. On his third birthday, he exclaimed, "Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!" when we opened the door, and proceeded to do an hours-long personal birthday celebratory dance for himself. I love him!

  • Cameras, so I can show you a picture of Ralphie.

  • Rice. What else would I have eaten all summer as I avoided wheat and gluten?

  • Rom's smile.

Orlando says, "I am grateful for..."

  • Not anything.

Some days are just that way, aren't they?

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