February 8

Today, I am grateful for...
  • acting like a "spiky worm" in Papa and Orlando's game and then Mica imitating me, and eventually all of us dancing around the room doing the spiky worm dance.
  • that I got to clean up after dinner, creating peace and order in our home.
  • the candle we lit at dinner, watching the flame as Orlando and I lingered at the table together.
  • holding Orlando in my lap and him asking me to sing rock-a-bye baby (we have slightly altered the lyrics so that mama catches the baby who falls).
  • Heather's clear-minded and practical perspective about parenting.
  • Heather and Audrey's help at lunch today, entertaining and taking care of Mica while I ate.
  • the quick and interesting drive to circus class.
  • Orlando liking Crystal, his circus class teacher, so much that this week he wore his cape to impress her. Last week he wore his polka-dot yoga pants and cherry socks to impress.

Orlando is grateful for...

  • doing circus class, jumping on the trampoline and going in the blue room
  • mama acting like a spiky worm
  • running around with Mica
  • running around in circus class and having my cape on
  • eating my tofu
  • and eating bedtime snack and for you bringing lunch to the circus class
  • being with Audrey and running with her

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